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In the poster of ‘the Legend Ends’


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*note by steph*

In Morioka, they showed RuroKen 2 (Kyoto Inferno) the earliest in the world; at 0:00 on 1 August!!! (They showed RuroKen 1 (2012) just before that, so the audience watched the two films in succession XD)

And in that theater this poster was displayed after screening.

Tanigaki-san’s tweet on 29 & 31 July


2014.07.29 13:39

Inamura-san in the Decoration Department is one of those who supported RuroKen action. In this film, he made the half of the hilt of Cho’s ‘Remba-to’ drop. And where the hilt parted is made of magnet to put the swords together. He also made Okina’s tonfa concealing swords that pop out in the middle of the battle. If you watch it carefully, you’ll notice Shishio’s ‘Mugen-to’ is jagged properly just like a saw! Awesome –


2014.07.29 14:03


Action Team 2013. On that day, we took Sojiro’s jump in Hikone. How should I say, everyone has a ‘nice face’ peculiar to those who are living make-or-break lives. You often see these kinds of expression in something like a documentary at the battle field. lol


2014.07.29 15:06

On the day when Kenshin finally wrapped up, Takeru-kun, who went to a yakiniku (steak) restaurant along with Director and Koiwai-san in Seijo, wore the most refreshed look I’d never seen in the last six months. ‘Well, I’ve been thinking any of us might actually be forced to retire half way by injury 50% of the time. (by Sato Takeru)’ And the most seriously injured was Ishizaka-san, who bled by hitting his head on a crane lol


2014.07.29 15:10

As an Action Director, of course, it’s a given fact that we shouldn’t get actors injured. But take the cut as an example where Kenshin dodges a horse coming straight to him in Kyoto Inferno. Though I told him to dodge quickly as we would take vertically, he would wait till the last moment, as close as if he might kiss the horse. That’s Sato Takeru.


2014.07.31 00:05

‘RuroKen Kyoto Inferno’ will finally be released tomorrow! When you choose a present for your treasured friend, for example, you must consider what will make your friend most happy, right? Similarly, this film was a product we created imagining how we could make its viewers satisfied from tomorrow on. I hope it will make a nice present-ssu

Tanigaki-san’s tweet on 27 July


2014.07.27 02:59

Okina, Aoshi, Misao, and all the other Oniwaban-shu use a jumping spinning back kick (so called Rolling Sobat) or back kick. I was not conscious, but it came about by itself while I was making it. Well, it’s queer if Kenshin or Saito do that. lol

2014.07.27 18:43

When I make actions, I often give names to each of them to make them easy to remember. ‘Drift’, ‘Figure of Eight’, ‘Emergency Stairs’, ‘Raid’, ‘Hopscotch’, ‘Sammo Hung’, ‘Rice Planting’, ‘Flying Squirrel’, ‘Namida no Request’, ‘Billiard’, ‘Teddy Bear’, and so on. As for ‘Sammo Hung’, I can’t even remember what kind of stunt it is. lol

Tanigaki-san’s tweet on 24 and 26 July


2014.07.24 23:05

Kenshin and Sojiro, these two performed quite hard practices but they had enough ‘room for dessert’; acrobatic actions such as flip-flop. Sojiro was practicing flip-flop against the wall again and again. The first time he managed to do it, he was so happy that he said, ‘Please take a picture with my cell phone!’ Well, we had no plan to have him do that in the film. (lol)

2014.07.24 23:09

That one, Kenshin cutting in the motion just like the breakdancing windmill move (烏龍稿柱 in Chinese). I forced it in because he was doing it alone over and over again in the corner while another actor was practicing actions. I thought he was appealing, ‘I want to do this!’ (lol)

2014.07.26 13:43

At this time last year, we were in the middle of the shooting of Kyoto Inferno scene. Fortunately no one was seriously injured. But Ishizaka-san, the cameraman, hit his head on a crane and was transferred to hospital lol But he was tough enough to go on shooting again after he returned!

2014.07.26 13:48

That one shown in the trailer, Sanosuke trying to leap over a pond like the pole vault, shouting, ‘You just wait, Kenshin!’ It was the idea Director came up with during the location hunting. I’m sure Sanosuke had long wanted to do that because Kenshin was so cool when he did it in front of Akabeko in the RuroKen part 1 lol

Sato Takeru Staff Report


Photo bookDVD released!!


(Photo 1)


Today, Sato Takeru photo book ‘ALTERNATIVE’ and ‘Taketere DVD vol.1’ have been released!

The photo book, the first one in three years, is full of must-see photos taken during the trip to South Africa, behind the scenes of ‘Rurouni Kenshin’, following him over a year!


It has rare Takeru, while he was practicing action, post-recording, and so on.


And you can read a precious dialogue and newly taken photos with Taka from ONE OK ROCK, an essay written by the writer Asai Ryo-san, and his long-hours interview.


This photo book will allow you to know Sato Takeru at the age of 25 to the full extent.


To celebrate the release of this photo book, precious special photos that they couldn’t find space for are being displayed at Tower Record all over Japan from today on.


For details, visit the website below!


(Photo 2)


And the first DVD of Taketere has been released! We re-edited the program so far and added a lot of never-before-seen videos! We put energy in producing the package. It is full of playful spirit perfectly fit for Taketere, so please take it in your hand to enjoy it. Please visit this website, too!


Asmart URL


That’s all for today’s staff report!


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