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Sato Takeru’s new movie:
A Live action movie entitled ‘Selai Kara Neko ga kieta Nara’. (If cats were to disappear from the world)
He plays a double role as a thirty-year-old post officer Miyazaki and a devil. Aoi is his girlfriend.

The shooting will start in October and last till next spring.

Tanigaki-san’s tweet on Sept 15 and 16


2014.09.15 11:15

In the actions in ‘the Legend Ends’, if you watch them closely, Kenshin puts the attacks he has got from Hiko to practical use in the fights later; Sanosuke uses Anji’s motion in the battle against Shishio; on the other hand, Shishio pays Sanosuke back ten times for his attack. That shows ‘Each technique has its own story’. Do - You - Really - Understand - !?


2014.09.15 11:20


Decoration Section Daichi-san is putting out wanted notices lol.


2014.09.15 12:28

Last night I watched English subbed RK in Roppongi. Kamiya Dojo was subbed as ‘Kamiya Fencing Dojo’ and I imagined Kaoru-chan and Yahiko practicing fencing hard in there. I found another way of enjoying the movie lol.


2014.09.15 12:32

And where Sanosuke says to Anji, ‘I’ve fought a Christian, but never a Buddhist monk’, the subtitle said, ‘I have fought lots of Christian’. So I imagined Sanosuke rampaging swinging his ‘Zamba-to’ in a church lol.

A new way of enjoying the movie!

Tanigaki-san’s tweet on Sept 13, 14


2014.09.13 02:31

(Photo 1)

Taken on 27th Dec, 2013, the last day of the shooting.

From the right, Tanigaki, Oouchi, Shibata, Fukushima, Kawamoto, Onishi, and Sakuma; these are the regular members of our Action team.

Our faces show, ‘We’ve accomplished it!’ …


2014.09.13 02:33

(Photo 2)

I don’t know why, but incidentally, shooting staff Ishizaka-san was given a victorious toss lol… ‘The Legend Ends’ is released today!!


2014.09.13 09:59

The other regular member, Suzumura was absent that day…


2014.09.14 16:52

I wrote that just OK cut of the last fourteen-minute battle of the ‘Legend Ends’ was 6 hours 50 minutes long before, but it was wrong.

… In fact, it is 7 hours 20 minutes lol

‘Kyoto Inferno’ & ‘the Legend Ends’ is now on!!

Comment on RuroKen from Watsuki Nobuhiro-sensei, the original comic artist:

I’m really grateful to all the staffs, including Dir Otomo, who made this fifteen-year-old hard nut to crack that forces the original artist myself to let out an empty laugh into an entertainment with reality and quality; all the cast, including the lead actor Sato Takeru-san; and above all, all the audience who came to see this film. Please enjoy ‘Rurouni Kenshin’ fully; which I’m particularly proud of.


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