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Excellent Shooting Condition!!



Hello, everybody!

Thank you for watching the first episode the other day!

The shooting of ‘Bitter Blood’ has been going on smoothly!!

Please continue to support us!!


(Photo 1)


This is a behind the scene shot in the second episode

Please look forward to seeing how the story will develop and how well Natsuki will perform

That’s all for today’s staff report!!


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Bitter Blood Official Web Site: TOPICS #09



Sato Takeru-san & Watabe Atsuro-san

The first-pitch ceremony full of exceptions!?


On April 15th, at Kusanagi Stadium in Shizuoka, Sato Takeru-san and Watabe Atsuro-san threw out the ceremonial first pitch in Tokyo Yakult Swallows × Yomiuri Giants of Japanese professional baseball league!

After their names were announced and ‘Do You Ever Shine?’, the theme song of ‘Bitter Blood’, was played at the stadium, Sato-san and Watabe-san appeared in suits onto the ground. While Sato-san gave Tsuba-Kuro high five and took the mound, Watabe-san and Tsuba-Kuro exchanged bows and stepped into the batter’s box. Usually, the batter of the team to bat first comes in, but this time, Sato-san was the pitcher and Watabe-san was the batter: the duel of the father-and-son buddy.

At the sign from Tsuba-Kuro, the ceremony started, but the ball Sato-san threw bounded near the home base by a hair. Then Sato-san requested, ‘Another pitch!’ It was accepted and he was allowed to throw the second ball. Stirring himself up, he threw the ball again and it reached the batter successfully. But this time, another unusual thing happened. At the first pitch ceremony, it is customary for the batter to swing away. However, Watabe-san rightly got the bat on the ball. The truth is that they had made a previous arrangement that he would hit the ball because it would not be good to fan the air on the starting day of their drama. Sato-san ran up to the grounder, caught the ball, and went straight to touch Watabe-san as if hugging him. Thus the first-pitch ceremony full of exceptions was over. The spectators gave warm shower of applause to Sato-san and Watabe-san leaving the ground.


After the ceremony, Sato-san said, ‘There were a great many spectators and I felt a sense of mission, or pressure a lot. But I appreciate that they welcomed us warmly and the atmosphere at the stadium was good. I felt most nervous for the first time since I threw the ceremonial first ball last time. It is bad for my health (to get too nervous)…lol’.

Watabe-san gave us a comment; ‘I enjoyed myself very much. Since the shooting had been continuing, it made for a refreshing change and I was able to face a pitch feeling good. The spectators were so nice. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful experience.’

*note by steph*

Tsuba-Kuro is a mascot character of Yakult Swallows because we call a swallow ‘tsubame’ and ‘tsubakuro’ is another name for a swallow.


SATOH TAKERU OFFICIAL STAFF REPORT. APRIL 16, 2014 (Wed.) Posted at 02:17am.



Good evening, everybody! Today, Takeru has appeared in shows on Fuji TV network from morning through night before the first episode of ‘Bitter Blood’ is aired!

Did you see any of them?

And at night, Takeru threw out the ceremonial first pitch in the Yomiuri Giants – Tokyo Yakult Swallows game at Shizuoka Kusanagi Stadium!

We took the opportunity and paparazzied behind the scenes!!

Takeru is practicing! He never fails to do his warm-up exercises!


(Photo 1&2)


Now, just before the performance! He was a little nervous but…


(Photo 3)


The result you’re eager to know was …

Please watch the sports news! LOL


How did you like the first episode? Please watch the second one next week!

That’s all for today’s staff report!



First O.A. (On Air) of “Bitter Blood- the worst and strongest father-son detectives” tomorrow.



Good evening, everybody!!


Finally, the first episode of the drama ‘Bitter Blood ~The Worst and Strongest Father and Son Detectives~’ will be aired on Fuji TV network, so we’ll report the latest news from the shooting site.


Takeru is looking seriously on the video monitor!


(Photo 1)


On that day, they did the shooting at Ginza Police Station early in the morning!

He was drinking hot cocoa! LOL


(Photo 2)


Takeru and cherry blossoms!


(Photo 3)


The shooting is still going on, but tomorrow is the first day of the drama, so Takeru will appear on Fuji TV from morning through night!

Please check it from early in the morning!

That’s all for today’s staff report!

Takeru Satoh Official site | Information


‘Taketere vol.28’ will be on!

‘Taketere vol.28 ~Taketere×BitaBra SP!~’ will be broadcast

Our staffs will cover the shooting site of ‘Bitter Blood’ ~The Worst and Strongest father and son detectives~’ closely!!

They will sneak into the press conference for the new drama, the promotional activities, and even the first-pitch ceremony!?

Thus, we’ll invite all of you to ask Takeru questions about ‘Bitter Blood’ ~The Worst and Strongest father and son detectives~’!!

To ask questions, you have only to post them on your twitter account with a hush tag #たけてれビタブラ】☆

The deadline is at 12:00 on April 15th Tuesday. *Japan time

We’re looking forward to many questions!!



‘Taketere vol.28’

Start at 20:00 on April 22nd Tuesday (tentatively) *Japan time

Recorded show (not live)

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